Springtime – “Will To Power”


Springtime – “Will To Power”

Springtime are a new art-rock trio made up of Australian musicians Gareth Liddiard (the Drones/Tropical Fuck Storm), Jim White (Xylouris White/Dirty Three), and Chris Abrahams (The Necks). After making their live debut in Melbourne earlier this year, they’ve now announced their self-titled debut album, out this fall, which features a cover of Will Oldham’s “West Palm Beach” and several collaborations with British poet Ian Duhig, who happens to be Liddiard’s uncle. The record’s lead single “Will To Power” is an impressive introduction, six minutes of guitar fuzz and piano that gradually whips itself into an apocalyptic frenzy beneath Liddiard’s increasingly unhinged vocals.

“The human race as a whole just can’t seem to do nothing,” Liddiard says. “They have to do more, more, more. Why can’t they just lounge about like lizards or kangaroos? What’s wrong with that? Look at rocks, they exist. Job done, game over. No need to do or be anything more. And why does the universe exist? For something so fundamentally elegant and simple it sure is overcooked. You want simplicity and elegance? How about just not existing at all. Why the need to be anything? it’s so needless. ‘Will To Power’ is just a disco jam about all that.” Listen and watch the Matt McGuigan-directed music video below.

01 “Will To Power”
02 “The Viaduct Love Suicide”
03 “Jeanie In A Bottle”
04 “She Moved Through The Fair”
05 “The Island”
06 “West Palm Beach”
07 “The Killing Of The Village Idiot”

Springtime is out 11/5 via Joyful Noise. Pre-order it here.

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