Stand Still – “Mysticism”

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Stand Still – “Mysticism”


Right now, tons of bands from the hardcore world are messing around with the pop-punk and emo sounds of the ’00s. Those bands might be approaching those sounds from a hardcore direction, but they’re steeped in the nasal, melodic, vulnerable styles of their youth. This past weekend, I watched Long Island’s Koyo headline an extremely energetic show with likeminded bands One Step Closer and Anxious. (I’ll have more on that in this month’s hardcore column, which drops in a couple of weeks.) Now, Stand Still, another Long Island band with a similar set of influences, have dropped a new track.

Stand Still have been around for a few years, and they’ve already released two EPs, 2021’s A Practice In Patience and 2022’s In A Moment’s Notice. Right now, they’re at work on their debut LP, and they released the song “Steps Ascending” last month. Today, they’ve shared a two-song promo that includes “Steps Ascending” and “Mysticism,” a new song that might be even hookier. If you have warm feelings about the Movielife, you should hear this one. It’s below.

Stand Still’s LP promo is out now on DAZE.

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