Stream Emily Yacina's 'Chances' EP


Stream Emily Yacina's 'Chances' EP

Late last year, Emily Yacina released a great new album called Remember The Silver — we talked to her about it before it came out — and last week (while I was on vacation, oops!) she put out a small collection of self-described “scribbles” called Chances that includes four new songs.

Like most of what she puts out, they’re all subtle but infectious. “10” is stringy and taut, on the verge of snapping as Yacina evokes the hymn “Gloria In Excelsis Deo”; “chances” is dreamy and muffled, her words slipping into each other: “What’s the word for stopping fate/ I’m not so sure I see it that way/ The time between like offerings/ God made the game but it’s clear he can’t play.”

Check it out below.

Chances is out now. Proceeds go to the Black And Pink organization.

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