Stream Flee Lord & Roc Marciano’s New Collaborative Album Delgado


Stream Flee Lord & Roc Marciano’s New Collaborative Album Delgado

Way back in 2010, the Long Island rapper Roc Marciano released his self-produced album Marcberg and essentially invented a new subgenre of underground rap. That subgenre doesn’t really have a name, but you can hear echoes of Roc Marci’s bleak, meditative beats and whispered, intricately worded goon-talk in virtually all of the smoky boom-bap that’s come along in the past decade. Roc Marci remains one of the leading practitioners of that sound, and his 2020 album Mt. Marci was one of his best. He’s also directly stamped that sound on a few of his stylistic descendants. Last year, for example, Marci produced all of Reasonable Drought, the breakout album from the hugely promising Syracuse rapper Stove God Cook$. Today, he’s done the same for Flee Lord.

The New York rapper Flee Lord is has a hard snarl and an insane work ethic. For a few years, he’s been stealing spotlights on a ton of tracks from other people, including a bunch of Griselda records. He’s also released a whole lot of his own music. Last year, for instance, Flee Lord pulled off an insane feat: He released 12 albums, one for every month of the year. Since then, he’s barely slowed down. In March, Flee Lord teamed up with the legendary DJ Muggs to release the impressive collaborative LP Rammellzee. Today, he’s followed that one with Delgado, a full album produced entirely by Roc Marciano.

Flee Lord’s explosive gruffness makes a great match for the woozy, ominous psychedelia of Roc Marciano’s music. He’s a more straightforward and fired-up rapper than Marci, which means there’s a sharp contrast between his delivery and the production. This hasn’t scared anyone off; many of these beats actually sound weirder than many of the ones Marci gives himself. Marci also spits one uncredited verse on Delgado, and a few other peers also put in appearances: Conway The Machine, Ransom, and previous Marci collaborator Stove God Cook$. Stream Delgado below.

Delgado is out now on Lord Mobb/Pimpire.

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