Stream Life’s Question’s Hard-As-Hell Debut Album World Full Of…


Stream Life’s Question’s Hard-As-Hell Debut Album World Full Of…

The Chicago band Life’s Question have a classic New York hardcore sound, one that’s heavy on swagger and crunch. But Life’s Question also bring new things into the mix. They’re big on metal guitar heroics, for instance, and their thundering attack sometimes makes room for sudden bursts of towering melody. Life’s Question’s whole style fits comfortably into the current hardcore zeitgeist, but there’s no other band that sounds quite the way that they do. Today, we get to hear what Life’s Question can do with a whole album. Turns out that they can do a lot.

Life’s Question already have a few EPs to their name, and they were a buzzy name in hardcore long before they announced their debut LP World Full Of… Today, that album has arrived, and it’s a big one. This is the rare hardcore album that breaks the half-hour barrier, and it gives Life’s Question plenty of space to explore the boundaries of their hard-but-idiosyncratic sound. It also has a whole lot of elbow-to-the-grill riffs. We’ve already posted the early track “Mellow My Mind,” but now you can stream the whole LP below.

World Full Of… is out now on Triple B Records.

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