Stream Mach-Hommy & Tha God Fahim’s New Album Dollar Menu 4


Stream Mach-Hommy & Tha God Fahim’s New Album Dollar Menu 4

With new albums from JID and from the team of Roc Marciano and the Alchemist, this is already a great day for new rap records. (I guess DJ Khaled came out with something, too.) And now the great New Jersey enigma Mach-Hommy has come out with a new surprise album of his own. We’re getting spoiled today.

Mach-Hommy came out with two of last year’s best rap albums, Pray For Haiti and Balens Cho (Hot Candles). A few months ago, he also came out with the three-song EP Dump Gawd: Triz Nathan. Today, Mach has released Dollar Menu 4, the latest in a long-running series. The Dollar Menu records are all team-ups with the great Atlanta rapper and producer Tha God Fahim, a longtime Mach-Hommy collaborator. (Dollar Menu 3 came out in 2017.) I’m not really sure why Dollar Menu 4 is being released as a Mach-Hommy tape when Tha God Fahim is on every song, but that’s what the credits say.

In any case, Tha God Fahim is all over Dollar Menu 4, as both rapper and producer. The whole album is just Mach and Fahim going back and forth, barring out, and the oblique references come so quickly that they’ll leave your head spinning. Mach-Hommy can sometimes be an abstract presence on record, but on this one, he just raps. He and Fahimi are both great at that. It’s a short album, just 25 minutes, and it’s also got appearances from friends like Your Old Droog, Big Cheeko, and JuJu Gotti, as well as production from Sadhu Gold and Fortes. I’m on my first listen right now, but it’s sounding great. Stream Dollar Menu 4 below.

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