Stream Magdalena Bay’s New Seven-Song EP Mini Mix Vol. 3

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Stream Magdalena Bay’s New Seven-Song EP Mini Mix Vol. 3


Magdalena Bay, the giddy experimental pop duo from Los Angeles, blew up on the strength of their 2021 album Mercurial World. On the strength of that LP, Magdalena Bay toured with acts like Charli XCX and Flume, and they play Coachella for the first time tomorrow. Last year, Mercurial World got a deluxe edition. Before Mercurial World, though, Magdalena Bay found a cult audience with short EPs like 2019’s Mini Mix Vol. 1 and 2020’s Mini Mix Vol. 2. Today, with the duo’s Coachella set looming, they’ve dropped a third Mini Mix.

Mini Mix Vol. 3 features seven short, zippy songs, all of which clock in under the three-minute mark. Like the others in the series, the new Mini Mix has a full-length video that pulls all the tracks together and goes hard on grainy retro visuals. It might be the best way to experience the music, which has its own dizzy, spaced-out ’90s sensibility.

In a press release, Magdalena Bay say:

Our mini mixes delve into eclectic sounds, sometimes pastiche. We feel less pressure while making them than with a more serious release, so they naturally have a fun spirit to them. The mini mix knows no bounds in terms of genre or stylings. The only rule is we try to keep the songs relatively short, but we don’t really enforce that all too much.

Listen to Mini Mix Vol. 3 below.

Mini Mix Vol. 3 is out now on Luminelle Recordings.

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