Stream Never Ending Game’s Hard-As-Fuck New EP Halo & Wings


Stream Never Ending Game’s Hard-As-Fuck New EP Halo & Wings

The Detroit hardcore band Never Ending Game make some real primally satisfying noise. NEG’s version of hardcore is built around gigantic juggernaut riffs and grunted fuck-you-up vocals. There’s some metal in the band’s sound, especially the early-’90s Biohazard kind of metal. Sometimes the band plays fast, but they’re really in their comfort zone when they’re locking into midtempo dinosaur-stomp riffage, and they do that kind of riffage better than just about anyone.

Never Ending Game released a really great full-length debut called Just Another Day in 2000. Today, they follow it up with a bone-liquefying five-song EP called Halo & Wings. There are some cool left-turns on the EP, like the way the title track turns into quasi-rapping over Metallica-style acoustic-flutter guitars. But the parts where the band just locks in and throws bombs are even cooler. We’ve already heard “But Not For Me,” and now you can stream the full EP below.

The Halo & Wings EP is out now on Triple B Records.

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