Stream Purity Ring's New Album 'WOMB'


Stream Purity Ring's New Album 'WOMB'

It’s been more than five years since Purity Ring blessed us with Another Eternity, their unduly slept-on sophomore LP. That was the release on which Megan James and Corin Roddick nudged the pioneering electro-pop sounds of their darkly glittering debut Shrines toward a brighter, poppier center while maintaining their mystical essence. I’d argue they more than pulled it off, creatively speaking, even if the album did not actually cross them over into the pop mainstream.

Now they’ve finally returned with WOMB, their third album. As demonstrated on its wealth of early singles — “stardew,” “peacefall,” “pink lightning,” “i like the devil” — the new one sort of splits the difference between the creepy Shrines sound and Another Eternity’s more approachable sparkle. After all these years, it’s lovely to hear James’ holographic vocals beaming across the duo’s grandiose digital caverns once again. Like Porter Robinson, they continue to craft the soundtrack for the video games of my imagination.

Stream WOMB in full below.

WOMB is out now via 4AD. Purchase it here.

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