Stream SAULT's New Album 'Untitled (Rise)'


Stream SAULT's New Album 'Untitled (Rise)'

SAULT have just released a new album called UNTITLED (Rise). It’s the mysterious UK group’s fourth album in two years following 2019’s 5 and 7 and this year’s UNTITLED (Black Is), which came out in June. Like its spiritual predecessor, UNTITLED (Rise) is overwhelming and sprawling, though just a little less so at only 15 tracks.

But those tracks have a huge range — there’s smooth and impeccably-constructed soul buildups, jazzy frenetics, and shadowy and cinematic epics. All of the different sounds are electrifying, and they’re all delivered with a steady and considered hand. It’s electric and eclectic and you can dig into it all below.

Untitled (RISE) is out now.

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