Stream Tierra Whack’s New Pop? EP


Stream Tierra Whack’s New Pop? EP

Last week, Tierra Whack released her three-song Rap? EP, and she isn’t stopping there. Today, she’s released a sister EP, Pop?

In an Apple Music interview, Whack explained the genesis of the Pop? EP:

So Pop? is — honestly, it happened by a mistake. My manager Kenete, every time we’re in the studio he’s like, “You know you’re like dipping into pop?” And I’m like, “Uh, really?” And he’s like, “It’s just in you, you have to just let it live.” And I’m like, “OK.” So, you know, we started getting different production from my producers (J) Melodic, KVYREN, and they were taking it there production wise. So I’m like, if they’re taking it there, I’ve got to go with them. You know what I’m saying?

So I have a song “Lazy.” Once again, I was watching School Of Rock, one of my favorite all-time movies, and I’m like, “I want this vibe, I want this aesthetic.” I’m just always setting challenges for myself, you know what I’m saying? That’s just what I do. That’s fun to me.

I just feel like it’s time to go to work. But like work is fun for me. I actually like my job. So it’s like, “OK, this is another challenge.” I’m very competitive, so it’s like my manager-slash-mentor Kenete, if he’s telling me I can do something, he’s not just wasting his breath. So, I’m like, “OK, let’s do it.” It’s not going to hurt to try. I never want to be in a box, I say this so much. Maybe for the past two weeks I’ve been just doing like rap. He’s like, “Alright Whack, let’s switch over. Let’s try something different.” Next thing I know, we’re tapping into pop. We’re just moving around, and just pushing ourselves and pushing the envelope as always.

What I realized that I thought that it was farfetched at first, but it was just in me naturally. So I was tapping into it without even knowing. And then once the team put the microscope on it, I’m like, “Oh, OK. I listen to Michael Jackson at least twice a week. King of Pop. You know? I get it. I know it. I feel it. It’s in me. I’ve just got to hone in on it. You know what I’m saying? It’s always there. It’s all in me. It’s up to me to bring it out.

Along with Pop?, Tierra Whack will play an LA show at Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever, which follows last week’s Brooklyn performance. Up next, the Grammy-nominated rap experimentalist is planning a third show in Chicago on December 17 at House Of Vans.

Listen to Pop? below.

Pop? is out now on Interscope.

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