Stream Weezer’s New EP SZNZ Autumn


Stream Weezer’s New EP SZNZ Autumn

Weezer: They’re still going through with it! That statement could refer to any number of things related to Weezer’s continuing existence, but in this case, we’re talking about the band’s whole plan to release four new EPs this year. The four SZNZ records are all named after different seasons, and they’re all timed to come out as those seasons begin. Weezer’s planned Broadway residency, tied in with the four EPs, had to be cancelled, with frontman Rivers Cuomo blaming low ticket sales, but that doesn’t mean the band won’t finish cranking out these EPs. Yesterday was the official first day of fall, and now, right on schedule, we’ve got SZNZ: Autumn.

Weezer’s latest SZNZ release has seven songs, and it definitely sounds like a recent-vintage Weezer record. If you’re the type who still dutifully checks out each new Weezer joint — or even if you’re not — then you already pretty much know what you’re getting here. Last night, the band also played on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which they’ve done around the time that the other two SZNZ EPs came out, too. As with the past two Kimmel performances, Weezer played on a stage made to look like a forest, and they had someone dressed up as an animal playing with the band. This time, it was a creepy crow/plague doctor type of deal. Below, stream SZNZ: Autumn and watch the band playing “What Happens After You” on Kimmel.

The SZNZ: Autumn EP is out now on Crush Music/Atlantic.

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