SZA Is A Sexy Alien Insect In “Storytime” Video Preview

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SZA Is A Sexy Alien Insect In “Storytime” Video Preview


SZA likes to take her time working on new projects. After she initially said the deluxe version of her sophomore album SOS would be titled Lana, she explained earlier this year that they’ll be separate releases; Lana won’t be coming out for a while, but the deluxe SOS is coming “asap.” We still don’t know when either of those are actually coming out, but in the meantime, we have this teaser for what appears to be a song called “Storytime,” featuring SZA in a sexy insect alien costume.

SZA posted a few selfies of herself in this wild E.T.-meets-Avatar getup last month. In the “Storytime” teaser, she’s sporting it in a dark, foggy field, as she sings in the background: “I know you told stories about me/ Most of them awful, all of them true/ Here’s some for you.”

On YouTube, the caption for the “Storytime” teaser also says: “LANA. COMING SOON.” She doubled-down on that announcement during a Saturday show at London’s Hyde Park, singing what sounds like a portion of the song and telling the crowd: “New album, y’all ready?” Here’s hoping that story is true, too! See the teaser below.

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