Take Offense – “Greetings From Below”

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Take Offense – “Greetings From Below”


Take Offense have been quiet since their 2020 EP Cause & Effect. Today, the Chula Vista crossover thrash crew is announcing their next album T.O.tality and sharing the lead single “Greetings From Below.”

Vocalist Anthony Herrera explained the song “touches on certain Mexica beliefs of our underworlds.” He continued, “It’s believed these are places we go to when we die, but also when we go to sleep, in our dreams and nightmares. Our underworlds also correlate to our waking state as well and we usually experience them in the form of troubles or obstacles we face in our everyday life.”

T.O.tality was produced by the band alongside Nick Jett. It was mixed by Matt Hyde and mastered by Nick Townsend. Conflicting schedules led to the album taking a while to record; at one point, guitarist Greg Cerwonka was playing in the live lineup of Turnstile.

“I feel like I didn’t hold back on things I wanted to say. It’s even in the title of the record — totality,” Herrera added about the LP. “Certain tracks on the record have references to Mexica, which are beliefs that go back to early Mexico — something that I grew up with. When I was younger, I don’t think it was as easy for me to express certain things into words. I think things come easier now and I feel like I put it all out there. So I’m very proud to be at this point — I feel like we are stronger than ever, and with the new record we are the best version of who we are.”

Below, check out “Greetings From Below.”

01 “Greetings From Below”
02 “S.W.O.”
03 “T.O.tality”
04 “If I’m Damned, So Be It”
05 “Assassination”
06 “Uncivilized Animals”
07 “Now Or Never”
08 “Deep Inside/House Of Shadows”
09 “No Mans Land (Instrumental)”
10 “Stolen Land”
11 “Until Then”
12 “Beyond Flesh And Bone”
13 “Give’m Chaos”
14 “The Prayer”

03/10 – Los Angles, CA @ The Fonda Theatre
03/12 – San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick

T.O.tality is out 5/10 on MNRK Heavy.

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