Tanlines – “Barefoot”

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Tanlines – “Barefoot”


Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm released their latest Tanlines A-side “Vanishing Point” in January, and the thing had a real kick to it. So does B-side “Barefoot,” out today ahead of Tanlines shows tonight in Philadelphia and Saturday in New York. I’d describe the vibe of this one as “Phoenix meets Chromeo,” at least until a Vampire Weekend-esque guitar solo breaks out.

Emm shared a lengthy meditation on this one:

Warning of the potential risks and side effects of prescription drugs, “Barefoot” tells the story of a woman ripped from sleep by a terrifying dream: a nightmare in which she walks barefoot across broken glass.

This *dream* marked a moment in which to celebrate. For two long winters she had not been dreaming, or feeling in the mood for much at all, since her new doctor gave her a new medication for an old disorder. “Take it whenever you’re feeling a little down,” he told her. A year passed, and not a dream with it. He advised again, “I didn’t mean for you to take it ALL the time.” She began to taper off. The jolts began. Terrors. Shakes. Sweats. A feeling that whatever was wrong with her was surely chemical, and this new drug must have been the fix. She fought through the tides, the cravings. Was she hooked? She gave in once, twice. Would she a third time? Not today, motherfucker. The finches outside were singing.

That morning she awoke tossing and turning, filled with a sensation of joy and fear operating together in tandem. These powerful emotions governing her entire being at once provided a long-needed release.

It changed on a dime. The kind you might just walk past if you saw it on the ground out front of a Trader Joe’s on any given Monday.

Inspired, she returned to her office and began what would become the text of her latest novella.

So say us all: welcome back.

The record was carried out with the help of Patrick Ford for producing and arranging; Rafael Cohen for his impeccable guitar work; John Durgee for providing the driest and smoothest of drum recordings; and last—but always first to me—my partner in doing good, Jesse Cohen, who really tied this song together with a bow.

Listen below, and welcome back to dreaming dreams again.

​03/21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
​03/23 – New York, NY @ Knitting Factory at Baker Falls

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