The Alchemist – “Miracle Baby” (Feat. Mavi)


The Alchemist – “Miracle Baby” (Feat. Mavi)

The Alchemist, a man who has been in rap music for literally 30 years, is on a serious run right now. Thus far in 2021, Alchemist has been the sole producer of two of the year’s best rap albums, Armand Hammer’s Haram and Boldy James’ Bo Jackson. And Alc has also done some work on his own. Back in April, Alchemist released his EP This Thing Of Ours, which included collaboration with rappers like Earl Sweatshirt and Navy Blue. Next week, he’ll release the sequel.

Alchemist just announced the impending release of This Thing Of Ours 2, which comes out a week from today and which features appearances from an amazing collection of rappers: Vince Staples, MIKE, Zeelooperz. Danny Brown is on there, too, along with his Bruiser Brigade comrades JUS, Bruiser Wolf, and Fat Ray. And today, Alchemist has shared the opening-track collaboration with the young North Carolina rapper Mavi, who also appeared on the first This Thing Of Ours.

The Mavi collab “Miracle Boy” is a short, hypnotic, drumless meditation, and it features Mavi sounding spacey and hard at the same time. Alchemist doesn’t appear in the Daniel Reagan-directed “Miracle Baby” video, which gets a whole lot of mileage out of Mavi’s gold fronts. Check out the video and the EP’s tracklist below.

01 “Miracle Baby” (Feat. Mavi)
02 “Lossless” (Feat. MIKE)
03 “Flying Spirit” (Feat. Bruiser Brigade – Danny Brown, JUS, Fat Ray, & Bruiser Wolf)
04 “Wildstyle” (Feat. Zeelooperz)
05 “Five Heartbeats” (Feat. Vince Staples)
06 “Miracle Baby (Instrumental)”
07 “Lossless (Instrumental)”
08 “Flying Spirit (Instrumental)”
09 “Wildstyle (Instrumental)”
10 “Five Heartbeats (Instrumental)”

This Thing Of Ours 2 is out 10/8.

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