The Antlers – “Wheels Roll Home”


The Antlers – “Wheels Roll Home”

This year has been full of surprises — most of them, it goes without saying, being pretty shitty ones. But perhaps you will feel more positively about this one: The Antlers have released a new song.

For a long time, this didn’t seem like a possibility. The Antlers’ last album, Familiars, came out all the way back in 2014; this is their first piece of new music since then. In the interim, frontman Peter Silberman released a solo album in 2017, the same year in which the band seemed to gesture at their hiatus becoming quite permanent. But then last year a slightly-reduced lineup took to the road to honor the 10th anniversary of Hospice. Perhaps that’s now led to a new chapter for the Antlers.

This new chapter begins with a song called “Wheels Roll Home.” “‘Wheels Roll Home’ is a simple song about the hopeful promise of reunion after a long time gone,” Silberman said in a statement. “It’s that feeling of finding home in someone, eager and impatient to build a life together. It’s the experience of waiting out tumultuous times, longing for stability someday.” Musically, “Wheels Roll Home” is a gentle, acoustic meditation, Silberman’s voice quietly mulling over twinkling and soothing instrumentation. Check it out below.

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