The Casual Dots Announce First New Album In 18 Years


The Casual Dots Announce First New Album In 18 Years

The Casual Dots are back. The Dischord garage-punk trio formed in DC in 2002, comprising Christina Billotte (Slant 6, Quixotic, Autoclave) on vocals and guitar, Kathi Wilcox (Bikini Kill, Frumpies) on guitar and backing vocals, and Steve Dore (Snoozers, Deep Lust) on drums. In 2004, they recorded and released one self-titled album, produced by Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto and released on Kill Rock Stars. Nearly two decades later, a second LP is on the way, again produced by Picciotto.

The Dots’ new album Sanguine Truth is coming next month via the resurrected Ixor Stix label, which released a handful of Picciotto-produced records in the late ’90s. The same day, Ixor Stix will reissue the Dots’ debut. Both records are being sold through the Dischord website. Along with the news comes Sanguine Truth’s lead single and opening track “The Frequency Of Fear,” a spiky and propulsive punk song that suggests the band is returning in top form. “Consciously you don’t even know/ The vibration is so very low,” Billotte sings. “It’s all around but you cannot even hear it/ Don’t tune into it, don’t tune into fear.”

Listen below.

01 “The Frequency Of Fear”
02 “Gypsum Mortar”
03 “The Setting Sunrise
04 “Live For Yourself
05 “17 Year Old Locust
06 “High Speed Chase
07 “Descending”
08 “Palindrome”
09 “The Mourning After”
10 “Velvet Fields”

Sanguine Truth and the reissued The Casual Dots are out 9/23 on Ixor Stix.

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