Thus Love – “Centerfield”

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Thus Love – “Centerfield”


The new Thus Love song is not a John Fogerty cover. The Vermont trio’s “Centerfield” is a composition of their own, a gloomy new wave slow jam that sounds like it maybe could have come out in 1985, the same year as the other “Centerfield,” but also sounds nothing like CCR. “Dark day/ Centerfield,” goes the theatrically British-sounding refrain. “I’m trying not to take the wheel.” In the end, “Centerfield” busts out some humongous power chords and soaring effects-laden lead guitar, which all sounds stupendous.

Directors Augie Voss and Benni Shumlin made a video for “Centerfield.” Per Thus Love, “In the age of advertisement and the internet, attention is a resource being stolen and memory feels at risk of extinction. This video is a time stamp of determination and incubation of what was, is, and shall be. This song is for the dreamers who hold onto mystery, who embrace the reality of that which we are now bred to forget.”

Watch below, and check out the more uptempo prior single “Put On Dog” if you dig this one.

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