Tierra Whack – “Shower Song”

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Tierra Whack – “Shower Song”


Tierra Whack broke out with her brilliantly weird visual album Whack World almost six years ago. In the time since, she’s released a lot of one-off tracks and a series of genre-themed EPs, Rap?, Pop?, and R&B? Since the last of those came out in late 2021, she’s been keeping a low profile, but she’s finally ready to release a full-length album.

Out in March, WORLD WIDE WHACK is being billed as Whack’s official full-length debut. I guess that makes sense since all the bite-size Whack World tracks added up to the length of an EP, but also, I grow weary of this thing with rappers releasing their “debut albums” many, many years after entering the public eye. Given the quality of recent single “Chanel Pit,” I am willing to take Whack seriously when she writes that the delay was related to hard work and quality control. “I really took my time with this,” she wrote on IG, “so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.”

The next single from WORLD WIDE WHACK, “Shower Song,” is out now. Watch the video below.

WORLD WIDE WHACK is out 3/15 on Interscope.

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