Told Slant – "Family Still" & "No Backpack"


Told Slant – "Family Still" & "No Backpack"

It’s been over four years since the last Told Slant album, Going By, but today Felix Walworth is announcing the project’s new album, which is called Point The Flashlight And Walk and will be out in November. We’re getting two songs from it to start, “Family Still” and “No Backpack.”

The former is hypnotic and hushed, briefly cresting into something larger before falling back to serenity and uneasiness and gliding smoothly into “No Backpack,” which is a bit meatier, with loping drums and cascading guitars. “I put my hand on your chest/ I hope it beats when I leave you/ Like a watch in the desk drawer,” Walworth sings on the former. “You’re my family still/ Even though we don’t talk now.”

“‘Family Still’ and ‘No Backpack’ are meant to be listened to in succession,” Walworth said in a statement. “They explore the concepts of devotion and togetherness as both liberatory and self-negating, and mount these explorations from a place of sober reflection and indulgent fantasy.”

Listen to both below.

01 “Meet You In The City”
02 “Bullfrog Chairs”
03 “Flashlight On”
04 “Run Around The School”
05 “Whirlpool”
06 “Family Still”
07 “No Backpack”
08 “Moon And Sea”
09 “Fog On The Glass”
10 “Anchor”
11 “From The Roofbeams”
12 “Walking With The Moon”

Point The Flashlight And Walk is out 11/13 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.

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