Tove Lo – "Sadder Badder Cooler"


Tove Lo – "Sadder Badder Cooler"

Last year, Swedish pop singer Tove Lo released a new album, Sunshine Kitty. A couple days ago, she put out a deluxe version of that same album called the Paw Prints Edition. It includes “Bikini Porn” and “Passion And Pain Taste The Same When I’m Weak,” two songs that she put out at the beginning of the year, and her recent cover of the Veronica Maggio track “I’m Coming.”

It also features another new song called “Sadder Badder Cooler,” which Tove Lo co-wrote with Elvira Anderfjärd. In a press release, she said they wrote it “after going deep about how every heartbreak kind of chips away a little piece of you, but it also gives you power if you let it. And how breaking it off with someone who’s bad to you is always a mixed feeling of sadness, anger and big relief.”

It comes attached to an animated video starring a murderous Sunshine Kitty. Watch and listen below.

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