Vallyre Announces The Release Of Her Latest Single “Bloodsweat”


Vallyre Announces The Release Of Her Latest Single “Bloodsweat”

Vallyre’s passion for pop music is coming from her childhood when she used to take singing lessons at TrueVoice NYC Academy and by continuing to take vocal lessons at Iron Work Studios, she eventually dedicated her whole life to music. So today, this Boston-native singer and songwriter with her strong musical background, releases her latest single titled ‘Bloodsweat’ which is in no way an inferior follow-up to her previous EP Explosion released in 2016.

Vallyre is on her own island in the music industry as her unique musical style separates her from everyone else, making her 100% unforgettable for the listeners.

Vallyre has been sweating blood over this new release and she is definitely right about it when she sings “Soon I am gonna celebrate, with no regret”.

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