Varg2TM – “Lucky” (Feat. Eartheater & Earth)

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Varg2TM – “Lucky” (Feat. Eartheater & Earth)


The Swedish producer Varg2TM has done a lot of work with Drain Gang artist Bladee, and he’s built up a bit of a mysterious reputation himself. Right now, he’s getting ready to release the new album Nordic Flora Series Pt. 6: Outlaw Music, the latest entry in a long-running series. On his new single “Lucky,” he’s joined forces with New York experimentalist Eartheater and drone metal pioneers Earth, which would be an inspired combination even if their names weren’t so similar.

There’s no beat on “Lucky,” which is not a Britney Spears cover. Instead, it’s a haunted, doom-laden meditation, with Eartheater’s vocals floating over Earth’s twangy, forbidding guitar lines. Varg2TM adds atmospheric hums and whirrs. It’s a pretty, evocative piece of music, and you can hear it below.

Nordic Flora Series Pt. 6: Outlaw Music is out 4/4 on YEAR0001, and it’s also got contributions from people like Skrillex, RX Papi, Bladee, and Ecco2K.

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