Watch Sublime Make Their Late Night TV Debut

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Watch Sublime Make Their Late Night TV Debut


In May, Sublime released “Feel Like That,” their first new material in 28 years. On Monday, the band — now fronted by Bradley Nowell’s son Jakob alongside original members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson — played that song on The Tonight Show in the first national TV performance for any iteration of Sublime. “I love you dad,” a shirtless Nowell said at the beginning of the song. “Should be you here right now.”

In April this year, Sublime played their first full set with Jakob officially in the group at Coachella. Sublime’s first-ever performance was July 4th, 1988, so this national TV debut is a long time coming. “Feel Like That” was based on an old recording from his late father Bradley who used to be frontman; it also features Scott Woodruff of SoCal reggae group Stick Figure. Watch the performance below.

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