Weakened Friends – “Quitter”


Weakened Friends – “Quitter”

The Portland, Maine indie rockers Weakened Friends released their kickass debut album Common Blah in 2018, and they followed that album a year later with the one-off single “What You Like” and with a cover of Taylor Swift’s “The Lucky Ones.” We haven’t heard anything from Weakened Friends since 2019, but now they’ve announced that they’re coming back with a sophomore LP called Quitter this fall, and they’ve just dropped the surging, fired-up title track.

On “Quitter,” lead Weakened Friend Sonia Sturino sings about feeling directionless: “If it’s all for a purpose, why do I feel so burnt out?/ If everything’s so worth it, why do I feel worthless now?” But there’s a ton of purpose in the music, a hooky and fuzzed-out DIY pogo-attack that reminds me of prime Superchunk. In the song’s fun-as-hell video, the three Weakened Friends rock color-coordinated pastel sweatsuits and run around a deserted amusement park. Check it out below.

01 “Bargain Bin”
02 “Quitter”
03 “Everything Is Better”
04 “25th”
05 “Tunnels”
06 “Planes”
07 “Spew”
08 “What You Like”
09 “Haunted House”
10 “The Last Ten”
11 “Point Of Interest”

Quitter is out 11/19 on Don Giovanni.


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