Weird Nightmare – “She’s The One” (The Ramones Cover)

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Weird Nightmare – “She’s The One” (The Ramones Cover)


Last year, Alex Edkins, leader of the great Toronto noise-rock power-trio METZ, launched his solo side project Weird Nightmare. With Weird Nightmare, Edkins makes catchy, guitar-driven power-pop that’s really nothing like what he does with METZ. The self-titled Weird Nightmare debut album was impressive but I’ve been even more into the one-off singles that Edkins has released since then: “So Far Gone” and the version of the Troggs’ “Our Love Will Still Be There.” Today, we get a Weird Nightmare version of a Ramones classic.

The Ramones were in sweetheart mode when they recorded “She’s The One” for their 1978 album Road To Ruin. That song belongs in the canon of bubblegum-influenced Ramones love songs, and the Weird Nightmare cover makes it even sweeter. With this new version, Alex Edkins slows “She’s The One” down, adding pianos and handclaps and pedal steel and sha-la-la harmonies. Below, check out the Weird Nightmare cover and the video for the Ramones’ original.

Weird Nightmare’s “She’s The One” cover is out now on Sub Pop. It’s crazy that the Ramones made a music video for that song.

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