Wendy Eisenberg – “Analogies”


Wendy Eisenberg – “Analogies”

You might have heard Wendy Eisenberg earlier this year as the fearsome center of the rock band Editrix, but they also make mind-melting music on their own. I first came to Eisenberg’s music through last year’s stunning Auto, and since then they’ve also put out a handful of other releases, including a performance piece called Bloodletting (technically out at the end of this week) and Cellini’s Halo, which came out back in March. And today they’re announcing another new album, Bent Ring, which Eisenberg primarily composed on the banjo.

Bent Ring is an album about commitment, ambivalence, and joy. Appropriately, it began with a dare: can I write an album of songs that do not use the guitar at all?” Eisenberg wrote in a statement. “On this record, I am a tenor banjo-player (and a singer, and a bassist). Specifically, I play a strange, salvaged, nameless banjo. My shadow.”

Lead single “Analogies” is sick, and Eisenberg uses that banjo in a way that sounds unbelievably cool. Their voice floats above the song, intoning about the complexities of power, as it builds into a blend of harmonies and light percussion that’s just sublime. Good shit! Check it out below.

01 “Abide with me”
02 “When I am an artist”
03 “Mental image”
04 “Analogies”
05 “Amends”
06 “Don’t move”
07 “I go, I don’t know”
08 “Evening song”
09 “Little love songs”
10 “Abide with me verse 2”
11 “Domino”

Bent Ring is out 11/5 via Dear Life Records. Pre-order it here.

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