Wexler’s New Single “Fragile” Sure To Dazzle Fans


Wexler’s New Single “Fragile” Sure To Dazzle Fans

The American artist, singer-songwriter, and instrumentalist Anthony Wexler has dropped his latest single, “Fragile,” shocking crowds all around.

The song is an apparent spiritual outburst of feelings where Wexler openly speaks up about his relationship with God and how that has helped him overcome his mental health difficulties. 

The track “Fragile” is an excellent mixture of pop and soft rock, carefully replicating the masterpiece creations of great artists such as John Mayer and Andy McKee. After the release of “Endlessly” featuring Lydia Thomas, “Fragile” is a valid testimony of Anthony’s invigorating talent. With an astounding count of tens of thousands plays on Spotify, Wexler is a sure-fire hit among his peers. 

Born in Northeast Philly, Anthony Wexler was raised by playing the guitar with his father at the age of 13—and has been writing songs ever since. Wexler has always been open about his struggles with mental health conditions. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, his sufferings have manifested in various emotional ups and downs. He later found his salvation in music and artistic freedom, where he could pour his mental condition through.

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