Why Bonnie – “Dotted Line”

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Why Bonnie – “Dotted Line”


Why Bonnie’s last material was last year’s “Apple Tree,” which followed their 2022 album 90 In November. That LP landed them on our list of Best New Bands of that year, and today the project of New York’s Blair Howerton is back with “Dotted Line” and the announcement of their signing to Fire Talk.

“Dotted Line” comes with a video co-directed by Howerton and Grace Pendleton. The song was written when Howerton was experiencing “the weight of capitalism” when she was “broke as hell.” “I was thinking of all the things we’re told are markers of success, and how at this rate, I’ll probably never have any of them,” she explained.

Its grappling with the music industry is similar to Ellis’ recent song “What I Know Now,” on which Ellis sang, “I didn’t realize that when I signed that dotted line/ I was giving away a part of me that I wanted to keep.” On “Dotted Line,” Howerton sings, “Let all your problems melt away/ On days ahead after you pay/ I should have known better/ Turns out it was a lie/ I should’ve known better/ Than to sign that dotted line.” Be careful out there, indie musicians.

Watch the “Dotted Line” video below.

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