Wiki – “Roof” & “Remarkably” (Prod. Navy Blue)


Wiki – “Roof” & “Remarkably” (Prod. Navy Blue)

Wiki, the slurry New York rapper and former Ratking member, has been on a serious creative run lately. Earlier this year, he teamed up with the Belgium-based producer NAH and released the deeply strange album Telephonebooth. This fall, Wiki will release another new album produced entirely by one person. This time, the beatmaker in question is Navy Blue, the pro skateboarder who’s also carved out a serious niche as a lo-fi rapper and producer in recent years. (This won’t be Navy Blue’s first collaborative project of 2021, either. Earlier this year, Navy Blue and AKAI SOLO released the album True Sky, and Navy Blue produced every track on that one, too.)

Navy Blue produced all of Wiki’s forthcoming album Half God, and he also raps on one track. Other guests also put in appearances: Earl Sweatshirt, MIKE, duendita, Remy Banks, Jesse James Solomon. Today, Wiki has shared two of the songs that don’t have guests.

“Roof,” the first proper single from Half God, is a loose meditation on Wiki’s Manhattan rooftop, his refuge within the city. The Nicholas Stafford Briggs-directed “Roof” video is a lovely naturalistic portrait of what it’s like up in that sanctuary. “Remarkably,” the other new track, is a more general introspection. On both tracks, Navy Blue’s hazy, meditative, jazz-inflected beats give Wiki the room to get ruminative. Below, watch the “Roof” video, listen to both songs, and check out the tracklist for “Half God.”

01 “Not Today (Intro)”
02 “Roof”
03 “Remarkably”
04 “Cant Do This Alone” (Feat. Navy Blue)
05 “Never Fall Off”
06 “Drug Supplier” (Feat. Jesse James Solomon)
07 “Wik Tha God”
08 “Ego Death”
09 “The Business”
10 “Home”
11 “All I Need” (Fea. Earl Sweatshirt)
12 “Gas Face” (Feat. Remy Banks)
13 “The Promise” (Feat. MIKE)
14 “New Truths”
15 “Still Here” (Feat. duendita)
16 “Grape Soda”

Half God is out 10/1 on Wiki’s own Wikset Enterprise label.

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