Wings Of Desire – “Made Of Love” & “Be Here Now”

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Wings Of Desire – “Made Of Love” & “Be Here Now”


The UK indie rock duo Wings Of Desire made an impression with the series of EPs that they released in 2021. The band found a sound that was both revved-up and blissed-out, combining shoegaze textures with Springsteenian bombast. The band quietly followed those EPs with a couple of singles, 2022’s “Choose A Life” and this year’s “Runnin’.” Today, they’ve got two more.

“Made Of Love” and “Be Here Now,” the two songs on their new double-A-side single, find Wings Of Desire operating within their comfort zone. They’re both grand, sweeping rock songs full of hazy, spiraling guitar and synth sounds. “Be Here Now,” it probably bears mentioning, has nothing to do with Oasis. Here’s what Wings Of Desire say about “Made Of Love”:

In the wake of hyper-masculinity being promoted within the internet sphere, we invite all the tough guys out there to try and feel their emotions instead of repressing them. There is nothing cool or sexy about trying to dominate or intimidate others. The hustle and grind mentality is not your way out of the “Matrix” (related to the Latin word for “mother”), but tenderness, togetherness and embracing both your femininity and masculinity is. I invite you all to put down your weapons and join us in solidarity, and to remember that it’s OK to show your vulnerability sometimes. What fire does not destroy, it hardens.

And here’s what they say about “Be Here Now”:

“Be Here Now” is a song about being exactly where you’re supposed to be. Being present means that instead of focussing on what happened to you yesterday or what could happen tomorrow, you are simply here, now. No one wants to be stuck on autopilot; it’s not good for the soul. As humans, we need to be aware of the automatic actions and reactions we have become accustomed to and find a place of clarity and calm. The present moment offers peace; it gives us space to transcend.

Ram Dass first coined the term “Be Here Now” in 1971, but the intention is infinite. You can feel completely in control yet have absolutely no say over your destiny, and that is a strange sensation to get used to. It goes against everything we’ve been taught in Western civilization, but once you embrace freedom, the universe becomes your oyster.

Listen to both tracks below.

“Made Of Love” b/w “Wings Of Desire” is out now on WMD Recordings.

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