Wishy – “Spinning”

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Wishy – “Spinning”


The Indiana band Wishy has been around for a very short period of time, and they’re only now releasing their third single, but they’ve already made an impression. The group, led by singer-songwriter Nina Pitchkites and former Hoops frontman Kevin Krauter, landed on our Songs Of The Week lists with their first two singles, “Donut” and “Too True.” Last month, we named Wishy one of this year’s best new bands. Wishy’s debut EP Paradise is coming out next week, and they’ve just shared one more single.

Wishy’s latest track “Spinning” is a warm, shimmery dream-pop jam driven by a propulsive breakbeat and some incandescent, reverb-heavy vocals from Nina Pitchkites, who also wrote the track. In a press release, she says, “This song is purely about self-discovery and letting yourself have fun even in the midst of uncertainty. I wrote it during a time of confusion in my early 20s. I was very inspired by the jangle-pop nature of the Sundays, which is a band that inspires a lot of my songwriting.” Check it out below.

The Paradise EP is out 12/15 on Winspear.

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