Worriers – “Never Quite Kicks In”

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Worriers – “Never Quite Kicks In”


A couple months back, the Los Angeles-based musician Lauren Denitzio announced a new Worriers album, Warm Blanket, and we’ve gotten two singles from it — “Pollen In The Air” and “Prepared To Forget” from it so far. Warm Blanket is out the first week of April, and today Denitzio is sharing another song, the synthy and short “Never Quite Kicks In.”

“I think about toxic positivity a lot, and how that seeps into the popularization of chillwave and mood playlists where everything sounds as unconfrontational and escapist as possible,” they said in a statement, continuing:

I’m all for a good nostalgia trip but nothing gets me twitchy like apathy and a too-cool-for-school attitude. I wanted to make something that reminded me of the indie songs I grew up on that could talk about something more significant while sounding fun and maybe a little bit silly. Some friends and I shot the video in a few hours at a dilapidated office space near LAX, trying to illustrate the self-deluded types I’m singing about.

Watch and listen below.

Warm Blanket is out 4/7 via Ernest Jenning Record Co.

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