Year Of The Knife – “Premonitions Of You”


Year Of The Knife – “Premonitions Of You”

In a few weeks, Year Of The Knife, the young metallic hardcore shit-wreckers from Delaware, will release Internal Incarceration, their first proper album. (They’ve also got 2019’s Ultimate Aggression, but that’s a collection of previously released EPs, not an album.) The band recorded Internal Incarceration with Converge’s Kurt Ballou producing, and the songs that we’ve already heard from the LP — “Virtual Narcotic” and “Manipulation Artist” — have been nasty as hell. Today, the band lets loose with “Premonitions Of You,” the final single before the album arrives.

“Premonitions Of You” is slower and less frantic than the last two singles, but it’s every bit as hard, built on a gigantic hammerhead riff. On first listen, lead screamer Tyler Mullen sounds like he’s furiously growling at some asshole, but the lyrics are really a message of support to a spiraling friend. Here’s what Mullen says about the new song:

“Premonitions of You” was written about watching someone’s self destruction over the years leave them with no support system. No family, no friends. No real love or hope. It’s about a person relying on external things to help them, but they don’t see that internally it’s those same things leading them to their own demise.

Check out the song below.

Internal Incarceration is out 8/07 on Pure Noise Records.

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