Years & Years – “Crave”


Years & Years – “Crave”

It’s been a little over three years since the last Years & Years album, Palo Santo. Not that Olly Alexander hasn’t been plenty busy in recent times — covering Lady Gaga and Lil Nas X, performing Pet Shop Boys’ “It’s A Sin” with Elton John, starring in the HBO show of the same name, and releasing standlone tracks like “Starstruck.” Along the way, he’s also finished a new Years & Years album. It’s called Night Call, and it’s out at the very beginning of next year.

Apparently, taking on that role for It’s A Sin was partially an inspiration on Night Call. The album reportedly finds Alexander playing with writing in character a bit more. It’s also an album that shoots for wild nightlife release. “I was writing from a fantastical space, stuck in the same four walls,” Alexander said in a statement. “I wanted to have as much pleasure as possible in the music.”

Along with the announcement, Alexander has shared a lead single called “Crave.” A press release describes the song as “leaning into submission to the point of embracing it.” Alexander adds that the song is “a playful way of inhabiting the deranged sexual energy I’ve always wanted. In the past I felt like I’ve been dominated by toxic relationships, and I felt like it would be fun to turn it on its head.” Check it out below.

Night Call is out 1/7 via Interscope. Pre-order it here.

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