Yumi Zouma – “Give It Hell”


Yumi Zouma – “Give It Hell”

The understated pop crew Yumi Zoumi put out their last album, Truth Or Consequences, in March 2020 — not the best time to release an album, in retrospect! — and only got to perform one show on their planned tour before the pandemic called everything off. Their new single “Give It Hell” is partially inspired by that experience, as the band’s Josh Burgess explains:

Before we went on stage for the only show we would play on our sold-out 2020 US tour, we held each other tight. Fighting back the tears, someone said, ‘let’s give it hell tonight.’ The next day, Truth Or Consequences was released. We drove to New York, took some photos, and dispersed back to our homes in the US, UK, and New Zealand. We haven’t been in the same room since.

To ‘give it hell’ is one of the strongest ways to stay present. Throwing yourself entirely into something, knowing it’s all you can give – it can be equal parts rewarding and humbling.

This song encapsulates us digging deep, pushing through self-doubt, and being grateful for the purpose and process of making music together. Especially when it’s hard and feels futile. In the spirit of staying present, we wanted to release this song NOW, and not wait for any other moment than this one.

“Give It Hell” is gliding and warm. Listen to it below.

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