Yves Tumor – “God Is A Circle”


Yves Tumor – “God Is A Circle”

Last year, Yves Tumor released the fantastic EP The Asymptotical World. That EP and the great 2020 album Heaven To A Tortured Mind marked Yves Tumor’s transition from underground electronic musician to full-on idiosyncratic glam-rocker. Since then, Yves Tumor has toured huge venues with Nine Inch Nails and Florence + The Machine. Today, they’ve got a new song.

The new Yves Tumor single “God Is A Circle” is a vast, towering rocker built on a panting, mechanistic beat and an echoing, rumbling bassline. Over that beat, Yves Tumor chants about feeling alive as splintered guitar notes shoot off in every direction. The song sounds colossal now, and it’ll likely sound even bigger live.

Frank Ocean collaborator Noah Goldstein produced “God Is A Circle,” and the legendary Alan Moulder mixed the track. Some of the backup vocals come from Drain Gang member Ecco2K. Jordan Hemingway directed the intense B-movie video, in which Yves Tumor rises from their grave and comes face-to-face with fascist ghouls. Check it out below.

“God Is A Circle” is out now on Warp.

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