Yvette – “Contact High”


Yvette – “Contact High”

Noah Kardos-Fein’s noise-rock project Yvette is ramping up to the release of its first full-length album in eight years, How The Garden Grows. Early singles “B61” and “For A Moment” have been good, and so is the third, out today. The album reportedly focuses on “the dynamics of control versus what can’t be controlled,” a theme further explored on “Contact High,” a two-minute blast both melodic and chaotic.

Here’s Kardos-Fein:

Our experiences, communications, and memories are refracted, channeled through and carved by multiple means of instant communication and rapid-fire knowledge-sharing. Your presence can be pruned and cultivated. Ideas and systems can be distorted and co-opted in the blink of an eye. It’s beautiful, sublime, dangerous, and terrifying all at once. To what degree do we take these things for granted, on a daily basis passively accepting our heavily mediated reality? We are connected, but do we connect? We are talking to and hearing each other, but are we listening?

Listen below.

How The Garden Grows is out 9/17 on Western Vinyl.

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