Andra Day Drops “Make Your Troubles Go Away”


Andra Day Drops “Make Your Troubles Go Away”

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Consider this. Andra Day’s “Rise Up” has been certified triple platinum by RIAA and racked up more than 900 million streams — all without ever cracking the Billboard Hot 100. The defiant anthem has experienced a new surge of popularity in 2020 with people embracing it as a theme song for trouble times. The R&B singer is now spreading even more comfort with an uplifting single called “Won’t Make Your Troubles Go Away.” It’s essentially about standing by someone when they’re going through it.

“I wish I could take your pain, but I can help you stand,” Andra sings in the opening verse. “I try and bring a soothing rain to every song and dance.” The Grammy nominee the pulls the vocal trigger on the chorus. “You’ve been looking for the quick fix and it’s leaving you helpless,” she belts. “But I would give you all of me to make your troubles go away.” Proceeds from Andra’s new single will go to GiveDirectly, a charity that benefits families affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Listen below.

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