Duncan Laurence Drops ‘Worlds On Fire’ EP


Duncan Laurence Drops ‘Worlds On Fire’ EP

If you watched last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, you’re already familiar with the extraordinary voice of Duncan Laurence. The Dutchman won the competition with a soaring ballad called “Arcade” and then landed a massive streaming hit (200 million and still rising). Since then, the 26-year-old has another single called “Love Don’t Hate It” and spent the last year or so perfecting his debut EP. Worlds On Fire arrives today (May 13) and it’s a lean, mean 5-song containing new single “Someone Else.”

Co-written with Leland and Bram Inscore, Duncan’s latest is an emotional mid-tempo moment about the pain of moving on. “[It’s] about the feeling you can get when you’re all by yourself and your head starts spinning and replaying memories of a previous relationship,” the breakout star explains. “I think it’s a feeling a lot of people go through right now. Where you normally find comfort and distraction in your daily life, these days you are confronted almost every minute with those thoughts: like breaking up with a loved one and going crazy at the thought they’ve maybe already moved on to someone else.”

See the tracklist of Worlds On Fire and stream the full EP below.

Duncan’s Worlds On Fire EP tracklist:

1. Beautiful
2. Yet
3. Arcade
4. Someone Else
5. Love Don’t Hate It

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