Evie Irie Is Her Own “Worst Enemy” On New Single


Evie Irie Is Her Own “Worst Enemy” On New Single

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Australia’s Evie Irie ranked as one of 2019’s breakout artists thanks to her well-received 5 Weeks In LA EP. Instead of resting on her laurels, the 17-year-old got straight back in the studio — with Greg Kurstin, no less. She now joins this week’s New Music Friday lineup with a brutally-honest pop song called “Worst Enemy,” which is essentially about taming your inner demons. “Carbon feel so black, wear these diamonds out,” Evie begins the song. “Worried I might cry, all this pressure is mounting.”

That takes us to the anthemic chorus. “I feel like a stranger in my mind, in my body,” the Sydney native belts. “I love it ’til I hate it, I’m my own worst enemy.” Relatable. What inspired the song? “It’s about admitting to the times we sabotage ourselves, and the brutal things we put ourselves through,” Evie explains. “It’s about feeling like sometimes you are so lost, that you actually think you’re found. It’s a really hard reality when I realize I’m in that place — overwhelmed with the struggle of all of my inner demons.”

Listen to “Worst Enemy” below.

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