Jessie Ware Shines On Cheeky “Ooh La La”


Jessie Ware Shines On Cheeky “Ooh La La”

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Jessie Ware is giving us a guided tour of club history on What’s Your Pleasure? (due June 5). “Spotlight” dabbled in sophisticated midnight disco, while new single “Ooh La La” is a funk-heavy bop that falls somewhere between Cameo and whatever scandalous side-project Prince was working on in 1985. “Every day, every day, every day I look for your car to pick me up on the avenue,” she begins the song over bass-heavy beats. “Driving ’round, take me out, listening to the music.”

The Brit then gets just a little flirty on the chorus. “Ooh la la, open up the door, you know I like it,” Jessie coos. “Ooh la la, chivalry was dead but you revived it.” As the night nears an end, things start to get heated. “Park it up at my place, who knows where we might be?” she sings coyly. “You can stay overnight if you ask politely.” Co-written with James Ford, Danny Parker and Shungudzo, “Ooh La La” is a campy little tune that promises very, very good things for What’s Your Pleasure? Listen below.

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