Alicia Keys Soars On New Ballad “Good Job”


Alicia Keys Soars On New Ballad “Good Job”

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EDIT: The post has been updated with Alicia’s “Good Job” visual, which is a CNN exclusive. Watch it below.

Alicia Keys is enjoying a well-deserved revival in 2020. The R&B superstar is still climbing the charts with “Underdog” (her biggest hit since 2012’s “Girl On Fire”) and now has another hit on her hands with “Good Job.” Originally penned to honor her mother and other unsung heroes, the piano ballad takes on new meaning in the age of Coronavirus. “You’re the engine that makes all things go and you’re always in disguise, my hero,” she begins the song. “I see your light in the dark.”

That takes us to the moving chorus. “You’re doin’ a good job,” Alicia belts. “Don’t get too down, the world needs you now.” The enduring hitmaker opens up about her decision to release the song now in the press release. “Whether you’re on the frontlines at the hospitals, balancing work, family and homeschool teaching, delivering mail, packages, or food, or facing other personal difficulties because of COVID-19, I feel you,” she reveals. “You are seen, loved and deeply appreciated.” Listen below.

The CNN exclusive video:

Listen to “Good Job”:

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