Kacey Musgraves Drops “Oh, What A World 2.0”


Kacey Musgraves Drops “Oh, What A World 2.0”

Kacey’s ‘Rainbow’ Video

6-time Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves celebrates Earth Day by releasing a revised version of “Oh, What A World” from her much-loved Golden Hour LP. “Northern lights in our skies, plants that grow and open your mind,” the 31-year-old croons on the lovely track. “Things that swim with a neon glow, how we all got here — nobody knows.” That takes us to the wonderstruck chorus. “Oh what a world, don’t wanna leave,” she sings. “All kinds of magic all around us, it’s hard to believe.”

It’s the perfect track to rebalance your energy and mindset given the COVID-19 pandemic. “There is a lot to feel downhearted about on this Earth Day,” Kacey writes in an open letter. “In the face of a pandemic that has brought cities to their knees, a song can feel small. A melody can seem insignificant. This is a global moment of acknowledgment and respect for the power of nature and for so many of us — extreme challenges and sadness. But in the midst of all the loss and uncertainty there are signs everywhere of human compassion and renewal.”

“The earth is healing,” she continues. “Bluer skies hang over China and Los Angeles. Clearer water and a positive effect on wildlife is being seen. In spite of all its troubles, it’s still a wild, beautiful world and if you need proof, it’s out there. You just might have to look in a different corner of the sky.” Kacey then dedicates the song to emergency workers. “‘Oh, What A World’ [is] dedicated to our planetary home and all the quiet heroes this Earth Day: you’re the northern lights in our skies.” Listen below.

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