Lauv Rolls Out Surprise ‘Without You’ EP


Lauv Rolls Out Surprise ‘Without You’ EP

Lauv & LANY’s ‘Mean It’

Lauv is really gunning for the title of the most prolific man in pop music. So far this year, he rolled out the sprawling, 21-track ~how i’m feeling~ LP as well as a collection of extras. The 25-year-old now adds a surprise EP called Without You to the mix, which he recorded in quarantine with collaborators Amy Allen, DallasK and Johnny Simpson. Every song on the EP is good, but “Dishes” — a mellow bop about missing an ex — is one of Lauv’s best to date.

“Sweet dreams and the best for you, I’m done gettin’ stressed for you,” he begins the track. “I wash my hair up in the shower, but something still remains.” It turns out, that moving on isn’t as easy as it sounds. “The dishes in the kitchen, the dancin’ in the rain,” the breakout star sings on the chorus. “A party on the weekend and everyone is here, but it feels so weird — without you.” Don’t be too surprised if this turns out to be Lauv’s next streaming smash. Listen to the full EP and watch the “Dishes” video below.

Stream Lauv’s Without You EP:

Watch Lauv’s “Dishes” video:

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