Melanie Martinez Finally Rings The “Fire Drill”


Melanie Martinez Finally Rings The “Fire Drill”

Melanie Martinez Talks ‘Play Date’

Melanie Martinez makes a surprise appearance in this week’s New Music Friday lineup with “Fire Drill.” The razor-sharp bop, which played over the end credits of the alt-pop star’s K-12 movie musical, is essentially about exposing fakes and clout chasers. “I’ve never fit into any category, always deemed an outcast,” the 25-year-old begins over Keenan’s slick production. “Since I was in Sunday School and all the cool kids said I was weird.” Melanie then poses a series of theoretical questions on the chorus.

“Fire drill, what would happen if a nuke just hit? Would you say bye to your family? Would you post about it?” she asks with devilish malice. “Fire drill, if it all went up in flames one day, would you give your mom a hug before your house burned away?” All in all, “Fire Drill” is a nice addition to the K-12 saga. After all, it gives a little insight into Cry Baby’s transformation during the film/album. Watch Melanie’s “Fire Drill” visualizer below. Don’t be too surprised if this is another viral hit like “Play Date.”

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