Premiere: Chappell Roan’s “Love Me Anyway”


Premiere: Chappell Roan’s “Love Me Anyway”

Chappell Roan’s ‘Pink Pony Club’

Chappell Roan’s genre-defying “Pink Pony Club” ranks as one of 2020’s best singles and she builds on that momentum with the just-released “Love Me Anyway.” The singer/songwriter’s latest is essentially about being seen and accepted for who you really are — flaws and all. “I love you because you hide those polaroids of me inside your nightstand,” she begins the song over a stripped-back acoustic arrangement. “I love you because you are understanding when I’m too shy to show my skin.”

“Love Me Anyway” then picks up the tempo on the celebratory, synth-dappled chorus. “When I met you at summer camp, I would never give you the chance – you still love, love me anyway,” Chappell sings. “Autumn came and December went, turned you down at your high school dance — you still love, love me anyway.” What inspired the loved-up tune? “I wrote this song when I was going through a rough patch in my relationship,” the Missouri native reveals. “It’s all about unconditional love and loving me anyway despite my faults.”

We are very excited to premiere Chappell’s “Love Me Anyway” lyric video, which features her hand-made arts and crafts, below.

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