somegirlnamedanna’s debut EP takes shape with “california”


somegirlnamedanna’s debut EP takes shape with “california”

New Find: somegirlnamedanna

Minnesota’s somegirlnamedanna is shaping up to be one of 2020’s breakout stars thanks to gems like “hello i am” and “kitchen table.” Her hot streak continues with “california,” the third single from her upcoming EP twenty one, twenty two (due July 31). As with Anna’s previous offerings, this is raw, unfiltered pop. “5,098 miles away from you, 10 hours up in the clouds,” she begins the song. “And I feel them all too.” Distance hasn’t dulled her emotions, however. “I’ll be waiting for ya, so come to California,” the singer/songwriter pleads on the chorus.

What inspired the song? “Distance and love combined is such a difficult thing,” somegirlnamedanna explains in the press release. [It is] about being separated by thousands of miles, and wanting to be with someone, but it just isn’t even close to reality. I wrote this from a place of hope, almost a dream state wanting something that doesn’t feel realistic.” The track is accompanied by a suitably dreamy visual. “You get these flashes of someone you want and you have no idea where they are or what they are doing,” she reveals. “There is a little mystery to all of it.”

Fall in love with somegirlnamedanna’s “california” below.

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