Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez Roll Out “Past Life” Remix


Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez Roll Out “Past Life” Remix

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Trevor Daniel went from relative unknown to platinum-selling breakout star thanks to “Falling.” That song took two years to catch fire, but it eventually climbed all the way to number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. The 25-year-old won’t have to wait that long for his next hit. Trevor joins this week’s New Music Friday lineup a new (and improved) version of “Past Life,” the highlight of his recently-released Nicotine LP. “I’m trying to be honest with my happiness, don’t know why I’m bad at this,” he begins the song.

“And I don’t wanna sit in all my sadness, I know it’s a habit of mine,” Selena replies. They swap truths about themselves and each other, before arriving at the catchy chorus. “Last night was the last night of my past life,” they sing. “Got me here like you can never figure me out.” It turns out that the “Lose You To Love Me” chart-topper was drawn to the song’s radical honesty. “When I heard the song the first time, I loved the fact that it was kind of a story about all the things that we tend to hold onto and the patterns that we have,” she revealed on social media.

“Past Life” was co-written and produced by FINNEAS. Listen to Trevor and Selena’s looming summer smash below.

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